Notable Verdict Cases

These are a few cases Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California has assisted Plaintiffs’ legal teams with since 2004.  We perform medical record review, analysis of the content in order to identify relevant information, identify missing providers, entering of pertinent information into a medical chronology to provide a succinct timeline of events and care related to the injury.  Our consulting expertise is anchored in our years of nursing knowledge regarding appropriate documentation of care, the connection of past and current medical conditions to the current injury, significance of laboratory/radiology testing and its results, missing documentation, the need of additional records and concerns regarding past social history, medical history and family history.  


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Litigation                                 Verdict/Settlement               Date of Verdict


Barnett v Merck                      $51 million                               08/17/2006



Lefforge v St. Edna                 $3.1 million                              08/19/2010



Poole v Picazo                          $14.5 million                            01/11/2011  



Hernandez v Cruz                   $12.6 million                            01/18/2017



Echevarria v Johnson &         $417 million                             08/22/2017


LNC of SoCal - Our Mission

To provide our Attorney-Client, Plaintiff and Defense, with accurate, concise and objective analysis of care provided as gleaned from the medical record review performed by a professional licensed registered nurse.

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