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Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California

LNC of So Cal was launched in 2001 by Ms. Watkins and Ms. Bradley. They gravitated to working in the legal arena after applying their expertise of professional clinical nursing care and the business of home health. This is the 18th year of exclusively working with attorneys, Plaintiff and Defense, and individual clients in the arena of healthcare litigation. They founded it for the express purpose of lending their vast nursing and healthcare expertise to the legal community for accurate, objective and affordable medical record review, analysis and reporting. LNC of Southern California is determined to provide objective and fact based reviews for either the Plaintiff and/or for the Defense. LNC of Southern California believes that objective representation of the healthcare in question is paramount to the fair and just outcome in the litigation whether plaintiff or defense. The medical records review, analysis and reporting are based in the principles of integrity and ethical performance and work. Coupled with the knowledge level and skills sets of deciphering handwriting, reading between the lines for omission of information, comprehension of the role of the nurse in healthcare, the laws and regulations that drive the profession of nursing and the basic tenet of standard of care, LNC of Southern California believes the truth discovered in the medical records review will secure justice for either the alleged victim or the alleged perpetrator. This work ethic has served both the Plaintiff and Defense firms well in Southern California for the past 18 years.


LNC of Southern California has produced a number of educational seminars for registered nurses and attorneys over the last 14 years. Ms. Watkins and Ms. Bradley have also been published in the Riverside Lawyer, the office publication of the Riverside County Bar Association.

LNC of SoCal - Our Mission

To provide our Attorney-Client, Plaintiff and Defense, with accurate, concise and objective analysis of care provided as gleaned from the medical record review performed by a professional licensed registered nurse.

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