LNC of Southern California is a company that provides professional, objective, accurate and affordable work product. Medical records review and analysis, while the cornerstone of the business, are only the tip of the iceberg of services available for any case related to healthcare issues.


The following is a list of those services with a brief description.


Medical Records Review and Analysis

The review is performed either with hardcopy medical records or electronic medical records. The basic review provides identification of pertinent dates, dates missing, and other providers and potential issues. The analysis provides the interpretation of the care or omission of care provided by the healthcare team. The analysis of care provided is based on professional knowledge, years of professional clinical experience and deeply seated in the comprehension of the laws and regulations that govern the profession of nursing and the facility where the care was provided.



Hardcopy or electronic reports of the findings from the medical record review and analysis based on the standard of care and the legal theory of the case. These reports include, but are not limited to: Memo Merit Review, Case Evaluation Review, Comprehensive Medical Chronologies, Provider Medical Chronologies, Pharmacology Chronologies, Fact Sheet completions, Access Database entries, deposition binders, trial binders and many others. The written report is based upon the criteria provided by the Attorney - Client. The content of the report is founded in the facts discovered during the medical records review and analysis.

Deposition Review and Analysis: 

This service includes the review, analysis and comparison of the deposition of experts and/or clients for consistency with the findings in the medical records and/or any issues which might surface.


Attorney-Client Deposition &/or Trial Preparation:


This is a one-on-one meeting between the Attorney-Client and the assigned legal nurse consultant. At this meeting, whether over the phone, online or in person, the LNC answers any question the Attorney-Client may have regarding the content of the report, the findings of the nurse medical records reviewer, the medical condition of the alleged victim, the underlying medical condition of the alleged victim and any other questions the Attorney-Client may have.

Interrogatory Production:


This service is based upon the LNC’s knowledge base of the facility’s organizational/procedural structure, the alleged injury and the legal responsibility of the facility responsible for providing the care.


Expert Preparation:


This service is based upon the assigned LNC meeting with or speaking with the designated expert discussing the elements of the case.


Deposition Preparation Binders:


This service includes the production of provider binders with Provider Chronologies and extraction of supporting documents for the provider’s deposition. The binder can be hardcopy and/or electronic.


Trial Preparation Binders:


This service includes the production of trial binders which house the medical chronology, the supporting documents and a full set of medical records from each facility. The supporting documents are tabbed according to the Medical Chronology. The pertinent statements of each supporting document are highlighted for quick reference. The binders can be produced hardcopy or in electronic format.




This service is based upon the needs of the Attorney-Client regarding medical/nursing procedures, pathophysiology of a medical condition, drugs and interactions/side effects, regulations and much more.




A legal nurse consultant accompanies your client to his/her designated examination and observes the examination per the Attorney’s direction. The examination is digitally recorded by the RN in attendance and forwarded to the Attorney’s office within 72 hours.  A verbal report is called into the firm at the completion of the IME/DME.  A written report is provided upon request.

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