It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Ms. Penny Watkins and Ms. Wilma (Willie) Bradley, Legal Nurse Consultants, as I have had the privilege of working with them for the past three years. Our office originally retained Ms. Watkins and Ms. Bradley to review and summarize medical records. Penny and Willie are extremely reliable professionals and have become an integral part of our litigation team. It is my pleasure to recommend their services.


Debra K.

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend the Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California to anyone evaluating or working on a personal injury, products liability or medical malpractice case. I have had the pleasure of working with Penny Watkins and Wilma Bradley over the past 3 years and they have been a complete asset in so many ways. They bring to the table an extremely well-developed understanding of the underlying medical issues in a case and how those issues can impact different aspects of your client’s claims. The Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California are extremely professional and their work product is unbeatable. They are always prompt and a pleasure to work with. The medical chronologies they provided on many of my cases allowed me to see the big picture and to identify issues in the case that I had not anticipated. I would highly recommend their services and would be happy to answer any further questions.


Jennifer G., Esquire

I have had the pleasure of working with Penny and Willie (Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California) for several years. They increase the value of cases with their meticulous attention to details and thorough analysis of medical records. Their understanding of the medical issues at play in a case is outstanding but what sets them apart is their insights into the interplay between the medical issues and legal theories we often try to advance.


Jacob B. Bach, Esq.

Our law firm is extremely busy, and we have built our reputation by obtaining the highest possible values for our clients’ cases. We pride ourselves on going the distance for our clients. As the number of cases accepted by the firm increased, the attorneys and staff were finding it difficult to keep up with reviewing the medical records generated by the larger caseload. Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California was recommended to us, and we were not sure what to expect. What we did get was way more than we ever hoped for.


Penny Watkins and Wilma (Willie) Bradley surpassed our expectations in so many ways. They have a superlative medical background and were easily able to transition from one issue to the next without missing a beat. If we had a pressing deadline and asked them to complete a project in a seemingly impossible time frame, somehow they would finish the project without any loss of detail. Their vast experience, coupled with their intuitive sense of what is most helpful, allows them to create work product that we have used as the backbone of many a case. We find ourselves referring to their medical chronologies over and over again. When we evaluate and gather case specific information for settlements, the information we require is usually readily available to us, thanks to Penny and Willie, and if it is not, they will provide exactly what we are looking for in the format we request.


Did I mention special projects? Whether it is for a mass tort or a personal injury case, nothing is too complicated for them. They embrace the challenge and always create a truly exceptional work product according to the specifications they are given.


Penny and Willie are knowledgeable, dedicated, honest, organized and extremely personable to boot. I cannot speak highly enough of the Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California.


Linda B.

When asked if I would be willing to draft a letter of recommendation for the Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California, I have to admit that I was extremely flattered. I can honestly say that the two women that are the Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California, Penny Watkins and Wilma Bradley, have done more to assist me than any other consultant or expert witness in my seven years of practice.


My firm, which is a small personal injury firm, began to accept nursing home cases several years ago. There are only two attorneys in my firm-myself and the senior attorney in my office. While I enjoyed working on the personal injury cases, I was terrified of the nursing home/elder abuse cases because I was overwhelmed by the technicalities that one needs to know when working on a case. There are often so many medical records and nursing notes, which are overshadowed only by the exhaustive regulations regarding standards of care that are required by law. I had no idea how I was going to get by When I was introduced to the Legal Nurse Consultants.


Penny and Wilma are an amazing asset to any law firm that deals in this area of law. Not only do they simplify and organize medical records in an easy and understandable way (at least for this attorney with no formal medical or nursing training) but they complete a comprehensive evaluation of all violations or pertinent regulations, which you need to be able to establish your case. I cannot speak more highly of them as it is my opinion that their assistance has led our firm to be able to obtain the significant results that we have obtained for our clients.


The Legal Nurse Consultants have also assisted my firm in several medical malpractice cases. Again, their thorough review of the file’s medical records were invaluable to me in the work-up of the case.


I would be happy to speak to anyone who has any questions regarding Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California and recommend them highly for their professionalism, promptness, and helpfulness, which are an asset to any law firm. My only fear is that they will become too difficult to retain when other attorneys realize the benefits of having them on board!


Robyn B. Esq.

“Thank you so much for the incredible work that you did for me! I can’t express my appreciation enough. I hope to work again with you in the future. Thank you!”


Cheryl W. Esq.

I am pleased to recommend Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California for litigation services. The nurses have provided invaluable services, including medical record reviews, pinpointing issues, suggesting deposition questions, and providing expert deposition and trial testimony.


My firm has utilized the services of Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California for various types of cases, including Elder Abuse, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, and other types of long term care litigation. With each effort they are detailed and reasoned in their opinions. We have been very happy with the services they provided.


I would not hesitate to contact Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California with litigation and consulting issues. I would be happy to provide further information or answer questions upon request.


Michelle Hancock, Esq.

I have been lucky enough to utilize their services for the past 7 years and they have been with me for every major pharmaceutical products liability case I have worked on in that time. They’ve seen our office through initial intake and case screening, preparation of discovery, trial preparation, and claims package submissions. Their work product is pristine and they bring a level of professionalism and attention to detail that is unmatched. I appreciate the critical eye that they bring to case review, especially when they point out a potential problem in one of my cases so that I can proactively address it. On the other hand, they are often passionate advocates for the rights of our clients and help maximize recovery through their thorough work-product. They have worked side-by-side with our staff during trials and spent (too) many weekends and all-nighters on our projects to ensure that deadlines are met. I give my highest recommendation for the services of LNC!


Christy Westad, Esq.

I have been using the Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California for many years and I strongly recommend their professional services on both the Plaintiff and Defense side of Elder Abuse and Medical Malpractice cases. The Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California contributed to the success my clients enjoyed on every single file whether on the Plaintiff or Defense side of the case. The principals I worked with were very friendly, meticulous, prompt and produced high quality work. The Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California did an exceptional job dove tailing regulations involving nursing standards of care with the alleged acts of nursing home negligence to prove our cases by clear and convincing evidence. The Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California will absolutely make trial work a smooth process. Simply put, they are the best.


Harlan K. Esq.

LNC of SoCal - Our Mission

To provide our Attorney-Client, Plaintiff and Defense, with accurate, concise and objective analysis of care provided as gleaned from the medical record review performed by a professional licensed registered nurse.

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