The Founders

Penny Watkins RN, BSN, PHN, CLNC

Ms. Watkins, RN, BSN, PHN CLNC has extensive experience in the healthcare arena in So. Calif. She has 15 years’ experience in the acute care hospital where she worked in a variety of areas. She has worked in ICU, CCU, Emergency, Orthopedics, Medical & Surgical and specializing in Medical Oncology. She loved the challenge of Oncology as cancer effects every system in the body, so knowing anatomy, physiology, lab values, central lines, IV access and all the chemotherapeutic agents and their effects on the patient was imperative. She worked in the capacity of bedside nurse to management while in the acute care setting. Next, she worked fulltime in a home health agency as a supervisor of Home Health Registered Nurses and Aides as manager of the Oncology & HIV/Aids program. Ms. Watkins went on to co-found a specialty Oncology Home Healthcare agency that allowed patients to received chemotherapy and all modalities of treatment at home. The agency was State Licensed & Medicare certified. Ms. Watkins was responsible for coordinating & managing the clinical care of all of the patients. She was in charge of contract management & secured multiple contracts from Insurance companies as well as IPAs. She developed, performed & taught the review process for patient documentation. Next, she performed business development in a start- up nursing registry, obtaining more than 20 contracts with healthcare facilities within 1 year. She is internationally published on oncology nursing & has taught nursing at the community college & private university level and has a lifetime CA Teaching Credential. Ms. Watkins obtained her Legal Nurse Consulting education and went on to obtain her national certification in Legal Nurse Consulting. The latest venture applied her healthcare & business expertise in founding Legal Nurse Consultants of So. California.

Wilma Bradley RN, BSN, PHN, LNC

Ms. Bradley has been a professional registered nurse for over 30 years. She began her nursing career in the acute care hospital on the surgical unit; then transferred onto the medical unit and finished her acute care experience on an oncology unit for seven years. It was during time spent in oncology nursing that she and Ms. Watkins became friends and later business partners. Ms. Bradley and Ms. Watkins came together as colleagues and co-founded an oncology home health agency. Ms. Bradley specialized in maintaining the licensure and certification of the home health agency ensuring compliance of State and Federal regulations and she was instrumental in the home health agency passing all State and Federal surveys securing certification and re-certification. After the home health agency, she and Ms. Watkins took their talents and applied them to a business development project in a start-up nursing registry. While working in business development, Ms. Bradley obtained her legal nurse consulting education through Kaplan Continuing Education, Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate program.


Next, they co-founded Legal Nurse Consultants of Southern California. Their extensive experience in the acute care setting and in the home health arena has served them well in performing high quality service of medical record review and analysis, the foundation of the legal nurse consulting specialty. They have worked behind the scenes of health care cases as consultants for both Plaintiff and Defense law firms. Ms. Bradley also was an expert witness in nursing home litigation for the Defense.

Our Background

Registered Nurses


Both Ms. Watkins and Ms. Bradley are licensed registered nurses with over 40 years combined experience in acute-care hospitals, home health and healthcare business & development.




Bachelors of Science in Nursing

Each holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing. Each has completed the 2 year didactic studies for a Master’s degree in Nursing Education.





Public Health Nurse Certification of California

Each has obtained their public health nurse certification.


Lifetime Teaching Credential in Nursing

Ms. Watkins has obtained her certificate for Lifetime Teaching for nursing in California.


Certified Legal Nurse Consultant / CLNC

Ms. Watkins is nationally certified as a Legal Nurse Consultant since 2001.


Legal Nurse Consultant

Ms. Bradley is a legal nurse consultant having completed Kaplan University’s certification program.



Ms. Watkins has worked with Project Innocence of California



Orange County Bar Association

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